Collage of 3 rows of 4 landscape format paintings with 'DUBLIN' in white capital letters across the middle row (The font has a small white heart inside the D). Scenes painted include the Ha'penny Bridge, Poolbeg chimney stacks, Georgian houses, Heuston Station and bridge with Luas, the Four Courts, the boardwalk, Liffey quays, Hippocampus lamps, and Liberty Hall.

Dublin Prints

Almost 70 of my paintings of Dublin are currently available as prints. They are mostly from the city centre with a lot being of the Liffey and the Quays, but also include paintings from further out.

This link is to the Art Prints, but you will see they are also available on mugs, t-shirts and cushions among many items, as well as other formats for the prints such as on metal or canvas or as posters.

Scenes of Dublin city, the Poolbeg chimney stacks, the north and south quays, the Ha’penny Bridge, Howth Head, the Four Courts, O’Connell Bridge, Georgian houses, Heuston Station, Liberty Hall, the GPO, Dún Laoghaire, the Spire, Skerries, the Phoenix Park, the Boardwalk, Clontarf, Dalkey, Christchurch, Ireland’s Eye, and the Luas, are among the Dublin paintings you can find prints of.






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