A lot of Irish Paintings
There are over 460 of my paintings available as prints. Most are of Ireland, but there are some from other countries I’ve been, and there are ones like birds on wires which could be anywhere.

Very Big Shop
When I say prints, as well as things you hang on your wall, I also mean all kinds of things you can print stuff on, like mugs, cushions, t-shirts, stickers, notebooks, etc. etc. It can be unwieldy looking at my shop because nearly every painting is available on about 90 items, so ultimately you have in the region of 40,000 items.

Keeping it simple: Just Art Prints
So to make things simple, here is a link to just Art Prints of my Paintings. That is just 460+ of my paintings, mostly of Ireland. From any one of them you can click on to look at other items with the same painting, like mugs etc.

Types of prints
As well as what are termed Art Prints, you can get prints on canvas, on metal, and more, as well as opt to have your art prints framed. This link is to all my paintings in different types of prints – but remember, each painting is available in other forms not just the random type displayed.

To help people who don’t fancy browsing through 460+ paintings I have grouped some into much smaller collections: