Landscape format. View down to the left from a high coastal road on a pale limestone natural arch topped with grass. The horizon is very high, just a couple of centimetres or so from the top. In the near dark waters water turns white as it bumps and swirls around rocks and the base of the arch. The sea is a gradient of pale aqua on the horizon in the extreme right getting darker as it comes closer until in the bottom left corner it's a rich turquoise. The sky also is a gradient from right to left. A painterly green grass bank fills the bottom right trangle. Signed bottom right: Liam Daly

New Painting #25 “The Wishing Arch” (Antrim)

“The Wishing Arch, Antrim”
Canvas  40.6 cm x 30.5 cm (16 in x 12 in)

Update: SOLD
Price €335 (+ €13 Registered post to Ireland; €26-€43 to rest of world)

Welcome to Night 5, the final night of my 5-night sale of new paintings. Six more new works are being rolled out to you tonight, one every 30 mins (but I can be a couple of minutes late because I’m doing it in 2 places and writing it all moments before you read it).  At the time of writing 20 of the 24 paintings I’ve posted over the first 4 nights are now sold, so go check out the 4 still available (numbers 21, 15,, 14 and 13) if you like. And here we go.

The Antrim coast is like no other coast in Ireland. It is truly extraordinary. I’ve cycled it a couple of times and one of those times is up there in the top handful of cycles I’ve done anywhere in the world. It is riddled with everything a coast can have. Insert your own nouns. And because for so much of it you’re up at a great height you get wonderful views. And you get to see Scotland. If your arms are long enough you can probably touch it. I tended to stare at all the rock features for ages. Ages. So long it got dark and I got stuck in the woods listening to owls screeching. But before all that I got to enjoy the Wishing Arch. This is the White Rocks stretch of the Causeway Coast and, well, I painted it.

UPDATE: This painting is now SOLD.
If you’d like to buy this Antrim painting message me privately by any method or publicly post a comment below the painting on my website or on facebook before anyone else does the same, and whoever shouts at me first I’ll then privately make arrangements for payment (probably bank transfer or cash if you’re known to me, and by another secure method if not) and delivery. Because I’m checking a lot of methods of being messaged it can take me some minutes to get back to you and let you know if you were first or not – if necessary I may even have to compare timestamps in different places to see who shouted first.

As ever I’m grateful for whatever you can do to help spread the word of specific paintings or the whole shebang.






2 responses to “New Painting #25 “The Wishing Arch” (Antrim)”

  1. Megan avatar

    If possible, I’d like this one, Liam.

    1. Liam avatar

      Thanks very much Megan – and I can confirm you’re first. I’ll go mark it as sold now for you (incl on Facebook) then message you later.

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