Landscape format. A large irregular shaped pool of very pale blue and green water in the centre of the picture, and a much smaller equally irregularly shaped pool in the foreground, are surround by dark alizarin grasses with elements of blue and touches of red. A couple of bits jut out into the large water and they have a short stripe of orange perhaps suggesting a different stretch of land or even a boat. On the far side of the large body of water is an ochre flat strip of land, and behind it a hill of dark olive brown slopes up to the left edge. A small undualting hill of very dark blue is behind it in the centre of the picture while behind it in the distance is a larger undulating turquoise mountain. Furhter back by the right edge are two small mauve peaks. The sky is a very pale blue into teal with hints of cloudiness. Signed Liam Daly

New Painting #20 “Western Bog” (Ireland)

“Western Bog”

Canvas  25.4 cm x 20.3 cm (10 in x 8)

Update: SOLD
€240 (+ €13 Registered post to Ireland; €15-€30 to rest of world)

My favourite thing to do on Christmas day is paint. It’s the ultimate day off so it gives me the freedom to relax having – usually – just finished my annual sale in December (this is that sale, albeit postponed for 5 months for health reasons). What comes out of my xmas day painting isn’t a finished painting – I need more time than that, especially when there’s wine to be drunk, but when it works it leads the way forward for me to paint in a certain way as typically it can be months before I get the time to paint again.

Anyway, what I started on Christmas Day last was this bog. It’s out of my head but it’s based on many a bog I’ve cycled past and through, in the west – those mountains are not in Longford, much as I like the bogs there too.

UPDATE: This painting is now SOLD.
If you’d like to buy this painting of a bog in the west of Ireland, please either message me privately by any method or publicly post a comment below the painting on my website or on facebook, and if you’re before anybody else (I sometimes have to check timestamps in different places) I’ll mark it as sold for you then privately make arrangements with you for payment (if you’re known to me probably bank transfer or cash, and if not then by another secure method) and for delivery. Notifications from all avenues can get a bit clunky with a lot happening at the same time, so it may take more minutes than I’d like to get to your message – but I will.






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    UPDATE: This painting is now SOLD.

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