Landscape format. Under a salmon pink sky the white metal pedestrian Ha'penny Bridge arches over the turquoise River Liffey. On its left quay is a line of trees depicted by just thick clumps of green foliage with the tops of the narrow buildings behind them peeping over the top. In the distance in the centre of the picture rises the square skyscaper of Liberty Hall, with alternating bands of blue green windows and grey stone or concrete. It is topped with a small square pale green hat with a zig-zagging brim. To the right of it behind the Ha'penny bridge is the classic building of the almost white Custom House topped with its central green dome. Behind it is the dark green glass blocks that comprise the relatively modern IFSC. The Loopline railway bridge and a yellow double-decker bus can both be made out through the railings of the Ha'penny Bridge. Signed Liam Daly.

New Painting #17 “Ha’penny Bridge, Pink Sky” (Dublin)

“Ha’penny Bridge, Pink Sky”
Canvas  30cm x 24 cm (12 in x 9.5 in)

Update: SOLD
€285 (+ €13 Registered post to Ireland; €15-€30 to rest of world)

I’ve painted this unofficial symbol of Dublin city many times, and usually I say I’m not doing it again. Because railings. But I will. And Liberty Hall has a habit of making a cameo appearance in lots of my city centre paintings of Dublin. Probably because I paint Dublin’s bridges and quays so much and Liberty Hall is the tallest building along the river until you get into the docklands.

This isn’t very big but I’ve been working on it for years. Because I like the Liffey. I like its walls, its quays, its bridges, its trees alongside it, and its smell. I like the Custom House, because you’re supposed to. And I even like the Loopline rail bridge – which you can make out through the Ha’penny Bridge is you look closely. In short, it’s my home city, I like it and I painted it.

UPDATE: This painting is now SOLD.
If you’d like to buy my “Ha’penny Bridge, Pink Sky” painting please either message me privately by any method or publicly post a comment below the painting on my website or on facebook, and if you do so before anybody else (I may have to check timestamps) I’ll mark it as sold for you then privately make arrangements with you for payment (probably by bank transfer or cash if you’re known to me, and by another secure method if not) and delivery. It can take me a bit of time to get to you or even to see your messages and comments. Facebook particularly groans giving notifications under the weight of a lot of activity. But I’ll keep checking and get to you.

If you wouldn’t like to buy it I’m still very appreciative of all the nice things you do and say. Thank you.






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    UPDATE: This painting is now SOLD.

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