Landscape format. A large bog of various browns and oranges with wine trenches, sits between two large mountain slopes - a dark blue one on the left and alizarin one on the right. In the small gap between them beyond the horizon is a roundpurple hill in front of pale blue jagged mountain peaks. Along the foreground is the titular montbretia, waving from its leaf green long blades on the right half, and mostly hidden on the left half behind a raised ditch of long pale yellow grasses. Signed Liam Daly.

New Painting #13 “Connemara Montbretia”

“Connemara Montbretia”
Canvas  40.6 cm x 30.5 cm (16 in x 12 in)

Update: SOLD
Price €335 (+ €13 Registered post to Ireland; €26-€43 to rest of world)

Welcome to Night 3 of my 5-night sale of new paintings. 6 more new works are being rolled out to you tonight, one every 30 mins (but I can be a few mins late because sometimes websites just sit there groaning and other times my tired clumsy fingers are hitting the wrong keys. Speaking of which I still owe a few people messages – am struggling to find thos minutes while preparing for each night – but I’ll get there (we’ve done this before). All 12 paintings from the first 2 nights are now sold so currently no new ones are available – until tonight’s start being posted. And here we go.

North Connemara, where the mountains are bigger and darker, and the roadsides are frequently invaded by explosions of orange waving around on a sea of feathery green blades. There is a very serious side to invasive species and their impact on Ireland’s biodiversity but ya know, pretty. Sometimes when cycling in Connemara I’d come across a valley a huge valley which in other countries would be filled with water or pastures but our lovely land it’s bog. A great big expanse of bog and it’s magnificent. Small amounts of the hybrid of crocosmia are quite striking in their orange framing of the landscapes I love to walk and cycle among, but invaders don’t stop at small – which is why half of west Cork is now orange.

Anyway, if you’d like to buy this depiction of Connemara message me privately by any method or publicly post a comment below the painting on my website or on Facebook saying so before anyone else does, and whoever shouts at me first  I will then privately make arrangements for payment (probably by bank transfer or cash if you’re known to me, and by another secure method if not) and delivery. Because I’m checking loads of methods of being messaged it can take me a little time to get back to you, and if necessary I may even have to compare timestamps to see who shouted first.

UPDATE: This painting is now SOLD.
As ever you can always help me even if this painting isn’t for you – because you can spread word of it.  The only income I earn is through the sales of original paintings like this (And these are my first paintings in 17 months) and the sale of prints (and mugs and cushions) – see my website for that lark.





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    UPDATE: This painting is now SOLD.

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