Landscape format. The bottom two-thirds of the scene is a bog of grasses and vegetation of greens, oranges, yellows and blues. The bog is laced with horizontal strips of pale lilac water, some with dark rocks protruding from. Along the horizon is a low distant ridge of a green hill punctuated with houses and trees. Behind it is al ong low purple hill, and behind it are 4 pyramidal mountains of different blues, stacked behind each other getting paler as they recede in the distance. Signed bottom right: Liam Daly.

New Painting #9 “Connemara Waters” (Galway)

“Connemara Waters”
Canvas 45.7 cm x 35.6 cm (18 in x 14 in)

Update: SOLD
€395  (+ €13 Registered post to Ireland; €26-€43 to rest of world)

The largest painting of tonight’s 6 new ones, this is a spot in south Connemara where I stopped cycling once upon an idyllic time and watched a family of swans as I gazed across the bogs to the mountains of north Connemara. I’ve been working on this one for two or three years.

UPDATE: This painting is now SOLD.
If you’d like to take it off my hands please either message me privately (any method) or publicly post a comment below the painting on my website or on facebook, and if you do so before anybody else I’ll mark it as sold for you and privately when I get a chance I’ll make arrangements with you for payment (likely by bank transfer or cash if you’re known to me, and by another secure method if not) and delivery. It may take me some minutes to check everywhere before I respond to you, but I will get there.

You might not be able to afford this, or indeed maybe you are but it’s not entirely your cup of tea – either way, likes and shares and word of mouth about this are still very much appreciated, if they fit in with your ethos of life online.





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    UPDATE: This painting is now SOLD.

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