Landscape format. The end of a pier virtually in silhoutte juts out from the right edge almost halfway across the picture. An otherwise gently rippling sea splashes against the pier end with the white surf and backlit turquoise water reaching halfway up to the pier where a lone person stands casting with a rod. The water is a deep blue and green with paler bits of reflection, especially of the splash against the pier and the narrown strip of sunlit brick down the pier end, Across the background filling the whole picture is a single flat-ish triangular hill of misty orangey brown underneath a sunset pale orangey yellow sky.

New Painting #6 “Pier Fishing at Sunset” (Portrush, Antrim)

New Painting #6 “Pier Fishing at Sunset” (Portush, Antrim)

“Pier Fishing at Sunset”
Canvas  30cm x 24 cm (12 in x 9.5 in)

Update: SOLD
€275 (+ €13 Registered post to Ireland; €15-€30 to rest of world)

I like being the only person on a pier. But usually I’m not. I’ll go to a pier – which you will always call, because you are familiar with it, THE pier, and there will be a lone figure standing there on the end of it owning the world and its oceans. Some young woman or young man – they used to be older than me, but not so much any more – will have moved themself before I have. So instead of me thinking the pier was built for me and the water that greets me, I find the pier houses a performance of silent conversation between human and nature. I like to watch.

While this specific pier was in Portrush as the sun went down on neighbouring Donegal, when I did this painting it was really a lot of piers I was thinking of and the people who perform on them – at sunrise as much as at sunset.

UPDATE: This painting is now SOLD.
If you’d like to buy this painting message me or post a comment saying so before anyone else does, and whoever shouts at me first I will then privately make arrangements for payment with (Likely by bank transfer or cash if you’re known to me, and by another secure method if not). If you like piers and fishing but not this painting particularly you could always help me by thinking of people who might like piers or fishing or Portrush or even Donegal as seen from Portrush. I won’t complain.






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    UPDATE: This painting is now SOLD

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