Landscape format. A sunny summer day's view along an inlet or river, to a small town with hills behind. The sky is pale blue with a tinge of teal, a lone wised light cloud sits in the centre. The hills are brown with wine and green tinges, and bold shadows of deep blue. The town is a collection of simplied soft blocks, most two-stories high, with a tower at the right end. They have dark roofs, and are mostly grey with a warm yellow one near either end a bold green one in the centre. The river is blues and purples, stylized with graphic horizontal shapes, and the land on the right mid-ground is similarly stylised with pale green grass, yellow and darker green bushes, and and orange and purple bank. Signed Liam Daly

New Painting #3 “Sneem II” (Kerry)

New Painting No 3 – Sneem II (County Kerry)
“Sneem II”
Canvas – canvas 61 cm x 45.7 cm (24 in x 18 in)

Update: SOLD
€585  (+ €13 Registered post to Ireland; €26-€43 to rest of world)

County Kerry – you can’t go wrong. Although when I was in Sneem I set off walking for miles without a rain jacket – so I did go wrong that time. But still, Sneem. Beautiful in it, beautiful outside. The largest painting tonight and of the entire sale, I started this painting all the way back in 2004 when I lived in a different continent. And I’ve worked on it every year since trying to have it ready for umpteen sales. Finally I am happy with it. This is Sneem.

UPDATE: This painting is now SOLD
If you’d like to buy this painting message me or post a comment saying so before anyone else does, and whoever shouts at me first I will then privately make arrangements for payment with (Likely by bank transfer or cash if you’re known to me, and by another secure method if not). Thanks for your comments, likes, shares, texts, letters, however you choose to engage. It’s all appreciated and in some way helps.






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    UPDATE: This painting is now SOLD

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