New Paintings Sale – May 2024

May 2024 Painting Sale

Five Nights From Tuesday, May 7, 2024 my annual sale of new paintings – postponed from last December for health reasons – will run over 5 nights online. There will be about 6 paintings a night, starting at 8:30pm Irish time (3:30pm Eastern USA) when the first one is posted and every 30 mins thereafter with the last one of each night being at 11.00pm (If there are 7 then that night will finish half an hour later – at the start of each night I’ll say if there’ll be 6 or 7 paintings that night)

Website as well as Facebook Paintings and their details will be posted on this website first and then immediately copied and pasted onto my Facebook art page (LiamDalyArt). There could be a 2 minute lag, if that matters to you. The website should make it easier to find all the works.

First Come, First Served It’s first come first served, so if you wish to buy a painting shout at me clearly that you intend to buy if it is still available. You can shout privately by any means, or publicly in a comment on the post with the painting on the website or with the post on Facebook. I’ll then mark it as sold for you and behind a curtain we’ll arrange payment and delivery.

Timestamp Sometimes several people ask to buy within minutes of each other, or even seconds. Because contact can be by a variety of messaging platforms it can take me a bit of time to get to them all and I check the timestamps of all to ensure I know who is first.

Payment Most payments will be by Bank Transfer if you’re known to me, and if not I’ll likely send you a payment link on PayPal or another secure platform I have set up. 

Delivery/Collection Paintings will be sent by Registered Post within Ireland and probably by Express Post internationally as it tends to be cheaper.  It takes me hours to parcel up one painting so I’ll move as fast as possible after the sale but to keep shipping costs down there is a bedroom full of cardboard and only one of me so it can take time.

Image Quality Despite years of calibrating monitors and colours, and investing in a new camera and scanner, you can assume I’m unhappy with the photo quality and by extraction that I think the paintings look better in reality than online.

Prices 2024 This year there will be a price increase of about 5%. Because there’s only been one increase in the last 5 years, and having to postpone the sale from last year hurt.

Ever Changing Estimates Six paintings a night for 5 nights is 30. This is an estimate. At the time of writing (one day before the start) I don’t know how many pieces will be in the sale.  This is because I have 23 finished right now and 30 more that each need about an hour to finish them but I don’t have 30 hours. And while finishing paintings I’ll discover some need more than an hour, and some I will mess up and set back for another time, and others I won’t even get to – much as I want to. The actual total over the 5 nights may be  25.  Or 35.

Would you not just post all the paintings at one time? I’ve done that when I was a lot younger. It takes more time and I don’t have more time. Plus, the paintings aren’t all ready yet.

Why is it like this? This whole thing would work smoother if everything was sitting in draft and released at the planned  times. However nothing is in draft. Everything you see on the nights of the sale is being written during the sale on those nights. Between postings I’m frantically limping around with a ruler checking sizes are correct and calculating shipping and writing up the next painting to be posted – while checking all platforms for every possible comment and message to see if anyone is interested in the just-posted painting. And I am editing the photos of the paintings so I  can post them. Why don’t I do all this in advance? Because I’m trying to paint – and if I did all that in advance I wouldn’t have any paintings.

Things go wrong I’m not always on time with my postings. Websites can go slow, or down. Power cuts happen. Tea can spill. 30 mins between paintings is not a lot of time. When I’m messaging between paintings it means I’m not writing up, or editing the photo of,  the next painting. The night before the sale and the colour on the photos of the paintings is way off – so can I correct the colours or do I re-take all the photos between showers tomorrow ? It matters because as well as showing you the paintings I also need quality captures to make prints from. Basically dpn’t be surprised If I run a few minutes late with each posting.

Not Rushed  I want to stress that while I am still trying to finish paintings I promise you no paintings are rushed. Nothing is lashed out to be included in the sale – that’s not how I work and I wouldn’t know how to. One painting in this sale was started 20 years ago and was almost finished in time for several sales over the years. Some paintings come out quicker than others but if I’m not happy with it then it won’t be in the sale. 

Thanks Thank you for your support, your words of encouragement, and your enthusiasm. In the build-up and during the sale I’m quite scatter-brained and may forget to say this but it is greatly appreciated.






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