Landscape format. Aerial view from over harbour showing town where it meets the water, with the Georgian Commodore hotel in blue along the front at the left edge behind the narrow JFK park in turn beside the Titanic centre by the old ruined pier. Above the town of streets of brightly coloured three and four storey houses sits the tall steepled St Colman's Cathedral at about viewer eye-level. Dark tree masses of blue-green are dotted around. Sky is a painterly yellow. Signed top left: Liam Daly

Cobh III (County Cork)

Painting: “Cobh III”

My third time to do a painting of the Cork Harbour town, this one was where I was showing the Commodore Hotel as well as a larger impression of the town so I decided to go for a higher view. Also prominent are the White Star Line Building, the final port of call for the Titanic, and Heartbreak Pier where, as well as those last Titanic passengers, over a million emigrants left Ireland.

While the original painting was a commission, prints of this painting of Cobh are available here in several sizes and different formats as well as the standard Art Print.

Other Stuff
This Cobh painting is also available on things such as mugs, notebooks, cushions and many things you might wear or find around the house. Explore the full selection here






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