Landscape format. On flat land of limestone karst rendered in colours of lilac, pale blue and grey, with black crevices and white highlights, is a stone wall running horizontally, with the distinctive burren stones narrow and slanted. In the distance is another wall running across and distant dark lines indicate more before the horizon of a blue low tree-line with a couple of buildings dotted in. A small tree is midway back on the right, and some flecks of olive coloured flora litter the stones. Sky is white fluffy clouds on pale blue. Signed bottom right: Liam Daly

Burren Walls (County Clare)

Painting: “Burren Walls”

Stone upon stone upon stone. I find the Burren in County Clare intoxicating. I love that in a landscape often so desolate you are always looking at a million rocks, of which every single one has been held in human hands. Also, I just like rocks. And stone walls. And the odd tree. Imagine if that was your house. You’d have people staring at your front garden all the time, intoxicated.

The original painting of “Burren Walls” is sold but prints are available here (in different sizes and formats including the standard Art Print)

Other Stuff
This painting of “Burren Walls” is also available on mugs and cushions and t-shirts and lots of other things. See the full range here.





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