Landscape format. Blue cloudless sky, orange road surface, church with steeple down road on left edge, grey phallic monument on round platform in foreground in front of terrace of four 3-story buildings and five 2-storey buildings (attached to the right) with shop fronts and pubs and restaurants at street level. From left to right buildings are coloured upper storeys yellow over orange shopfront, orange over yellow, white over blue, cream over blue, all yellow and orange, all pink, all blue-grey, yellow over red, and orange over red. Roofs are slate rendered in blue-green and green green. Signed bottom right: Liam Daly.

Clifden Painting (Galway)

Painting: “Clifden”

I like shapes. And I like the shapes of Clifden. Who, I ask you, doesn’t love a triangular square? This is Market Square. People seem to like Clifden because of the good times they’ve had there. I’d be in that camp. People like Clifden a lot.

Surrounded by ridiculous scenery, the town known as the “capital of Connemara” is a coastal town tucked in between the foothills of the Twelve Bens and the Atlantic Ocean. Since I painted this the statue of Alcock and Brown has been added to the square in front of the obelisk.

The original painting is sold but prints of my Clifden painting are available here (in various sizes and different formats as well as the standard Art Print)

Other stuff
My Clifden painting is also available on mugs, cushions, t-shirts and a lot of things you may or may not find useful. Explore the full range here.





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