Landscape format. View across rich blue rippling water to narrow band across centre of painting consisting street of terraced houses, a mixture of 2 and 3 storeys. Windows and doors are dark, houses are single colours of yellow, blue, white, red and green. Slated roofs are dark blue. Sky is stormy yellow mixed in with patches of green and red. Foreground includes some grass and flagstones of quayside. Signed top left: Liam Daly

The Long Walk (Galway)

Painting: “The Long Walk” (2011)

Once upon a time in Galway I sat on Claddagh Quay and, using my bicycle as an easel, painted the view across to the the Long Walk. Then it rained.

It was a nice rain, soft, refreshing, and created wonderful effects on the painting. Then it rained harder. The effects weren’t so wonderful. I tried to protect the canvas but there was nowhere to go and nowhere to put it, not before it rained heavier still. It absolutely lashed and, before I could get to somewhere to shelter, in that timeless rain I watched all my paint run off the canvas and pour onto the ground. The next day I went back and started again.

The finished painting was a commission that went immediately to its new owner, but prints of my painting of The Long Walk are available. It comes in multiple sizes and various formats such as framed, printed on canvas or metal, as well as the classic Art Print.

Other stuff
Stickers, mugs, notebooks, cushions, and a lot of other stuff, are all available with this painting of the Long Walk printed on. Check out the full range here





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