Landscape format. Bottom third is a stone wall over which a donkey looks. Stones are a very pale lilac with yellow, and blue shading in the gaps. Donkey is pale grey-blue with almost white nose end, and is facing forward and standing to the right. Background is mid-blue where grass would be and dark blue and red above it in a speckled fashion like a bush or hedge.

Painting: Wall, Donkey

“Wall, Donkey” (Ireland)

Stone walls are one of my favourite things. Indeed one of the reasons I am so slow on my bicycle in the west of Ireland is because of stopping to look at stone walls. And who doesn’t like a donkey? Seriously, who?

I painted this donkey after an encounter at a dry-stone wall in Connemara. I looked, and spoke, and looked, a lot before cycling on, and then when home in Dublin I did the painting.

The original painting is long sold but prints of “Wall, Donkey” are available (in sizes up to extra-large, and in different formats like on canvas or metal as well as the standar Art Print)

Other Stuff
The donkey has proven popular printed on other things like mugs, cushions, t-shirts and all kinds of stuff you don’t need. See the full range of Donkey paraphernalia here






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