Landscape format in acrylics. Blue sky, darker on top, feint hint of white clouds lower. Pale pink, almost white, Gable end of two 2-story houses that sit just left of centre into a green hill sloping down from right. Bottom of hill is a strip across painting of dark hedgerow along a road with a grey stone sea wall down to water covered in green floating vegetation before yielding to a strip of ochre sand. Rest of bay at the bottom, is water reflecting sky above. On right facing road nestled into hedgerow is white small structure with red door. Behind white houses are pale violet individual trees and beyond and through them a hill with a pale patchwork of green fields. Signed bottom right: Liam Daly

Painting: Clonakilty Bay (Cork)

“Clonakilty Bay” (County Cork)

A west Cork scene. You’re south of Clonakilty looking across the bay towards Inchydoney. Technically you’re looking at the bit of land that joins the bit of land that stops Inchydoney Island from actually being an island any more, but who’s getting technical. I’ve cycled up and down the road that gives this view dozens of times, carrying paints, dreams, and a case of beer. I like it at all times of the day. And who doesn’t like a lone red door out in the country?

The original of this painting is sold but prints of Clonakilty Bay are available (in various sizes up to extra-large and in different formats like canvas and metal as well as the standard Art Print)

Other Stuff
This painting is also available on mugs, cushions, and other such things. See the whole range here






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