andscape format in ink lines by pen and brush pen. Pier of creamy yellow stones reaches out to the right into sea from the bottom left corner, then zigs back left to a white lighthouse. Our view is from behind the pier so we see the tops of a couple of fishing vessels, a green one and white and red one. The pier gets paler in a smokey way the further out it is. Lighthouse has a red railing around its light. There is a painting of a red and white striped hut, life size, on a blue board at the edge of my painting on the pier. The bottom left corner where the pier starts has loads of loose rocks of grey with green and purple and some orange. Black lines are loosely sketched around them. Sea is a pale blue green, darker where it meets the pier which itself has dark stones along its bottom at water's edge.

Balbriggan Harbour (Dublin)

[Update: SOLD] “Balbriggan Harbour”, (Dublin)

Mixed media 

On paper, 24 cm x 18 cm (9.5″ x 7″)  

Price €80 (+ €8 Registered post to Ireland; €15 P&P to rest of world) 

It was raining when I cycled up from the harbour in Balbriggan. And it was beautiful. Other people seemed happy too. I’d hide my painting from the rain when I could, and sometimes it threatened to stop and I made more marks. A whole bunch of school kids went past me, and they were infectiously happy. My jumper was very wet though so I put on my coat. And I painted inside my coat for a time. And I just sat there on the wall looking at the pier and the Irish Sea and I remembered the marks I would make when the rain finished its thing. It was a good day in Balbriggan. I’ve been many times before of course, but the day I painted in the rain is my favourite by far.

Mixed media in this instance means ink pens, an ink brush pen, different water media, and raindrops.

If you’d like to buy this painting shout at me and then I’ll contact you to make arrangements – which will likely be by bank transfer or cash. [UPDATE: This painting is now SOLD]






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