Landscape format. Ink and watercolours with some other water media. Red brick chimney stack with tourist lift. Red brick facade wall with tall narrow gaps showing modern glass building through the arches and above it as it's about twice the height of the red-brick wall with arches. Metal tops of buildings further east are visible on the left. In front of the red-brick wall with arches are a line of decorative small shrub-trees sitting in square planters. They are rendered mostly in yellow squiggly paint.

Smithfield (Dublin)

Update: SOLD “Smithfield”, (Dublin)

Mixed media

On paper, 29.7 cm x 21 cm (11.7″ x 8.25″).

Price €125 (+ €13 Registered post to Ireland; €18 P&P to rest of world) 

I used to love Smithfield. Back when it was old, run down, and dirty. Not to get all romantic about dilapidation and all, I just think they missed a chance to make it something really special when they did it up. Now it’s not so dirty, it’s full of shiny new glass buildings, and it’s riddled with stuff that reminds me of some towns where I cycled in what we used to call the Eastern Bloc.

But anyway, none of that stopped me sitting in Smithfield for a few hours trying to make that chimney and that long wall and all those plants fit in. I do like a lot of the modern buildings just east of the square, on Bow Lane and thereabouts, and in Smithfield itself I do of course like the chimney and I like that big wall – because I like big walls. Obviously I like them – because I painted them. It rained on and off so I had to run into the doorway of the Lighthouse Cinema for shelter from time to time – then venture out to look at the features I was painting. I’ll be painting Smithfield again – from different angles.

Contact me if you’d like to purchase this and I’ll make arrangements with you for payment, delivery, that sort of thing. [UPDATE: This Smithfield work is now SOLD]






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