Landscape format. On a sunny blue sky day a blue rowing boat, paint peeling, sits on a small mound of lime coloured grass. A few metres past it a stream, or narrow inlet, runs across the painting. The far half of the water is full of floating orange seaweed with some dark rocks protruding. Along its side is a lone of rocks. black and brown where they meet the seaweed and grey on top. Above the bank is a large area of gorse, a dense dark green bush with small yellow blossoms. The gorse reaches half way across from the left edge. Back a few more metres in the centre of the painting is a warm grey outbuilding with a blue corrugated roof and two small dark windows. Rocky hills stretch behind it with a house behind a small orange hill on the left, and a larger house further back on the right also nestled behind a mound. Both houses have dark trees behind them. Larger rocky hills are behind them, and at the back across the painting is a line of pale blue rocky mountains.

Connemara Boat (Galway)

New Painting no 34
Update: SOLD

“Connemara Boat” (County Galway)  

On canvas, 40 cm x 30 cm (16″ x 12″)    

Price €320 (+ €13 Registered post to Ireland; €22-€45 Express Post to rest of world) 

Ì loved this scene when I came upon it while cycling in Connemara. It was like all the elements of Conamara coming together to make a perfect composition. Oh, I’m going to paint you, I said into the sunny air. I know, replied my bike. But it’s taken me a while – because, well, it was involved.

If you’d like to buy this painting just shout that you would before anyone else and I’ll then contact you to make arrangements – payment by bank transfer or cash probably. If you wouldn’t like to buy it you can still help me by telling people who you think might like to simply look at it, and they in turn might know someone that quite fancies owning it. But even if they don’t, it never hurts to have a load of people looking at Connemara – I reckon.





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    UPDATE: This painting is now SOLD

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