Landscape format. Watercolour and gouache with some black ink. Coast scene. Edge of beach where bright golden sand littered with orange seaweed runs into lots of rocks as the meet the water. Rocks are jagged and in sprawling clumps, in colours of grey, orange green purple, brown, magenta, and blue. Sea is turquoise. Land across water is low green sliver tapering almost out as it reaches the right edge.

Painting: Skerries (Dublin)

New Painting no 32! 


Mixed Media

On paper, 24 cm x 18 cm (9.5″ x 7″)  

Price €80 (+ €8 Registered post to Ireland; €15 P&P to rest of world) 

Oh look, it’s the last painting of Night Four. So we’re going to do this one more time, tomorrow night at 8pm (Irish TIme) again – though I can’t right now promise how many pieces I’ll have. Anyway, on with painting number 32.

Mixed media in this particular case means primarily gouache paints, but with some ink and other water based media.

Harbours just suck you right out of a town. Especially when the road slopes down, and the wind is on your back. And it’s always worth it, though in the case of Skerries I got into an awful argument with my knees. We’re not cycling back into that wind, they said.

One of those winds. Exhilarating. I went around the end of the harbour and looked at all the rocks and birds and the wind. Yes, I was looking at the wind. There was a perfect bench. Perfect in the sense that it was secured to the ground rather than taking flight. It was impossible to stand in the wind, let alone contemplate painting. Eventually I found shelter from it behind the back of the Lifeboat station. And sitting on a wall up against the building I took my paints out.

Three hours later I apologised to my knees and told them that actually we were going to cycle much further than back into town. And we did, and we filled up our heads with more coastal scenes for paintings for which we’ll return some day.

If you’d like to buy this painting then shout at me publicly and/or privately and if you do so first then I’ll contact you privately to make arrangements – which will likely be by bank transfer or cash. If this painting isn’t one you’d like to buy you could still help me by spreading word about. I suspect you know how.





3 responses to “Painting: Skerries (Dublin)”

  1. Martha Kiley avatar
    Martha Kiley

    It makes my heart sing that you are able to have your end of year sale again.

  2. Melissa Techman avatar
    Melissa Techman

    Please email me? I’d love to buy this.

    1. Liam avatar

      Will do. Thank you!

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