Landscape format. A road bends and disappears into a landscape of open bog rendered as a fiery orange with red and green bushes. In the distance on the left there is a small white cottage and behind it a large violet rocky mountain that tapers down to the right with more mountains further away and coloured a light purple. A sliver of water is in front of them. The sky is a light aqua blue with long large white fluffy clouds. The road surface is dark, contrasting with the surrounding bog and with its road markings of dashed white lines down the centre and dashed yellow lines marking the edge of the road. The bog has pinks and yellows peppered throughout and more colours along the road edges where there are small ridges and or ditches.

Painting: Ballycroy (Mayo)

“Ballycroy” (Mayo)  

I’d been wanting to paint this for years. It came out of a time I was cycling through Ballycroy and found I was making little progress because I kept looking backwards. And stopping the bike and looking for ages. Why do I have this landscape to myself, I asked my tired bicycle? Then I cycled on, but slowly, stopping and going and stopping and going again. It’s too nice to leave it I said, looking back at the bog and the mountains I had just cycled past. I could stay here forever, I said. Then I got a puncture.

I can’t speak highly enough of the beauty of Ballycroy – the newest of Ireland’s National Parks (established in 1998) though a few years ago it was renamed Wild Nephin as it expanded into the Nephin Beg mountains. And since it’s a National Park you don’t need to trust me – you can just go.

The original painting is sold but prints of my Ballycroy painting are available here. (They come in a variety of styles including the standard Art Prints, and in multiple sizes)

Other Stuff
This painting is also available on t-shirts and mugs and cushions and all sorts of stuff you might find around the house or wear. Explore the full range here.






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    UPDATE: This painting is now SOLD.

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