Landscape format. The bottom half is water, rippling in many shades of blue including some navy ripples in the foreground and some stretches of pale aqua blue in the distance. Sparkle of light are rendered in many many white dots. There are nine small boats moored in the bay, some sail boats (with their sales down) and some very small boats. Only one is in the foreground - a small boat on the left, in shade and backlit light throwing up yellow and turquoise into its little wheelhouse. The rest are in the middle distance, where just past all bar one is a boat ramp on the left, silhouetted as a black triangle with a lit up warm top. It is beside a row of big piles. At the far end of the bay is a sliver of a beach on the left reaching across to an island on the right. The island has its own little beach and clumps of trees on its side before we see on its top tilted towards us a couple of bright green fields. Behind it is a low strip of pale green and lilac land and behind it are large pale blue mountains. Running across the top is a long series of white fluffy clouds with a dark bottom. Blue sky is along the very top.

Bantry Bay II (Cork)

“Bantry Bay II” (County Cork)  

The last time I painted Bantry Bay I painted the view into Bantry, with the bay in the foreground and the entrance to the town in the background. But as I said then, and as I say every time I talk about Bantry – well, every single view from all angles is fabulous. I worked on this one for years until eventually I was finally happy with it. I hope you are too.

While the original painting is sold – and gone to a good home in Cork – prints of my Bantry Bay painting are available. They come in several formats and styles like on canvas and metal as well as the classic Art Print on archival paper, and various sizes are available up to extra-large.

Other Stuff
Bantry Bay II is also available on mugs and t-shirts and other things you may like. Explore the full range here.






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    UPDATE: This painting is now SOLD.

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