Landscape format. Lake that stretches long away from viewer, with mountain slopes on its right side and at the far end. On the left are a clump of trees, thick with mostly very dark green foliage but a large section is clear showing a load of fat twisting trunks and/or branches which I have painted in mixes of oranges and purples and blues and reds and browns and greens. Moored beside them are two small rowing boats, pale blue or maybe white in shadow. The water is rippling greens and teals and blues, radiating out from where the trees and boats are in the left foreground until far away the water is darker, except right at the far end of the lake where there is a single broad almost white strip.

Kylemore Boats (Connemara, Galway)

New Painting no 22
Update: SOLD

“Kylemore Boats” (Connemara, Galway)  

On canvas, 40 cm x 30 cm (16″ x 12″)    

Price €320 (+ €13 Registered post to Ireland; €22 Express Post to rest of world) 

Kylemore Lough.I was cycling around the Twelve Bens of north Connemara and after a while of looking at Kylemore Abbey, in that view across Pollacapall Lough, I cycled on. But not far, because now on the edge of Kylemore Lough I was arrested by some trees. Look, I said to my trusted bicycle, it’s as if Cezanne planted some trees. And boats. How can you go wrong with boats? So we enjoyed the view for some time before cycling on the length of the lough and all its ridiculously magnificent views. We’ll paint it another time, I said to the bike. And that time has been the last few years, having finally finished it just the other day.

If you’d like to buy this painting just shout that you would before anyone else and I’ll then contact you to make arrangements – payment by bank transfer or cash probably. If you wouldn’t like to buy it well you can still help me by telling people who you think might like to simply look at it, because they like Connemara or lakes or twisty trees.





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    UPDATE: This painting is now SOLD.

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