Landscape format. Ink and watercolour painting of the facade of Trinity College as seen through a load of locked bicycles and a myriad of poles, traffic lights, and street signs, plus two tall leafless trees with twisting green trunks and branches higher than the sightline of the roof of Trinity. The college is greys of blue and purple with pale columns and a front portico with a large arched brown door mostly hidden by a plinth with a statue just past the bicycles. Ukrainian flags of blue over yellow are hanging from two near lamp-post and two far ones. A taxi is to the left of the bikes. It is all framed by the dark purple, blue and green trunk of a tree on either side, conveniently both of which are leaning out of the picture to help the view between them.

College Green & Trinity (Dublin)

New Painting no 23
Update: SOLD

“College Green & Trinity” (Dublin)

Mixed media 

On paper, 24 cm x 18 cm (9.5″ x 7″)  

Price €80 (+ €8 Registered post to Ireland; €15 P&P to rest of world) 

Clutter. I like clutter. Probably more than I like the facade of Trinity College. Which is why I wanted to do this scene. But I was dreading the experience because of the crowds in town, and especially on College Green. But when I sat on my foam cushion and started painting I was able to go for hours without a single person coming anywhere near me. It was very cold though and I was thinking I could do with some company for warmth.

If you’d like to buy this painting then shout at me publicly and/or privately before anyone else does. I’ll then contact whoever messaged first and we’ll make payment arrangements – which will be by bank transfer or cash. If this painting isn’t one you’d like to buy you could still help me by spreading word about it.






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    UPDATE: This painting is now SOLD.

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