Landscape format. Under bright a pale turquoise sky is a junction in a town, with a brown clock tower on a cream traffic island beside a green and yellow phone box and some white and brown road signs. The street surface in front and around is bold orange. In the foreground is a small triangular island with flower beds in each corner and walk-ways to the the left, right, and straight ahead over the main road to the clock tower island. Behind the clock is a row of buildings with shops and pubs, mostly three storeys. They are yellow, and purple and orange and blue. On the right foreground is a cream three-storey building with a small tree with green foliage in front.

Westport Clock II (Mayo)

New Painting no 14
Update: SOLD

“Westport Clock II”, (Mayo) 

Acrylic on matboard with mesh tape

28 cm x 19 cm (11″ x 7.5″).

Price €185 (+ €8 Registered post to Ireland; €15 Express Post to rest of world) 

Some years back I planned a whole series of paintings where I would incorporate mesh tape. That tape you use for joining plaster boards together and then plastering. Because I love squares. Like, in a really big way. And mesh tape is just a great big roll of squares. And I like texture – but hey, who doesn’t?

So I mapped out a load of paintings of specific landscapes and street scenes in Ireland, because I was only going to put the mesh tape on certain parts of each painting. In the street scenes, like this one, I applied it to where I was going to paint the buildings. And then I painted the buildings. Well, after all those years, this is the last of the mesh tape paintings. Because they take bleedin ages to paint inside those little squares. Tiny details of buildings inside tiny little bumpy squares.

Westport. I’ve painted it a lot. When they mapped out the town they did so you would want to paint it a lot. And live there. As the title suggests this my second time to paint the clock tower. I do like a junction. And streets of tangerine.

The way the sale works is that whoever messages me first, publicly by comment (typically the quickest way), or privately by whatever means, well I tell them they’re first, then mark the painting as sold – if necessary tell other people that alas they were not first – and I make arrangements privately with you for payment, delivery, that sort of thing. And this is the time where I ask you to consider telling people about this painting – especially if it’s unsold or just because you think people would like to look at it – and I’m grateful when you do.





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    UPDATE: This painting is now SOLD.

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