Landscape format. Against a painterly dark turquoise background are three very dark blue (almost black) wires running across, but ever so slightly downwards to the right. On the bottom wire is one bird. On the middle wire are 7, and on the top wire are 9. The birds are all starlings.

Painting: Birds, Wires 18

New Painting no 15
Update: SOLD

“Birds, Wires 18”

On canvas, 40 cm x 30 cm (16″ x 12″)    

Price €320 (+ €13 Registered post to Ireland; €22 Express Post to rest of world) 

The second last painting of tonight.

It’s almost ten years since I’ve done a Birds, Wires painting. Oh yes, I’ve painted birds on branches, and birds on wires with a controversial pole appearing, but a pure Birds, Wires painting hasn’t happened since 2013. So here it is – number 18 in the series. With 17 birds in this painting it’s going to appeal more to the birds wing of the fans of my Birds Wires paintings. Yes there are those who are more fans of wires – and I respect both groups equally.

Please NOTE: judging by my eyes here in the room with the painting and by what both of my cameras have captured and I’ve spent ages trying to make the screen match the reality, I should tell you that I think the reality has a darker background than on screen, but also much more vibrant, a darker screaming turquoise if you will. And for good measure the flecks of red in and around the birds and the wires are more visible to the naked eye than on the monitor.

If you’d like to buy this painting please say so before anybody else does. In a comment might be easiest but you can do it privately if you prefer. Whoever contacts me first (there are frequent multiple requests within minutes of each other – sometimes even closer) – I will then mark the painting as sold for you, as well as let you know you were first, and we can then make arrangements privately for payment – which is likely to be by bank transfer or cash.

And if you wouldn’t like to buy it I’m still happy you’re here reading this and wondering if you should phone a friend.






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    UPDATE: This painting is now SOLD.

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