O’Connell Bridge from the Boardwalk

New Painting no 1
Update: SOLD

“O’Connell Bridge from the Boardwalk”, (Dublin),

Mixed media,

On paper, 29.7 cm x 21 cm (11.7″ x 8.25″).

Price €170 (+ €13 Registered post to Ireland; €18 P&P to rest of world) 

I love the Liffey. The quays and the bridges. All of them. I don’t get into town too often these days but when I do I like to sit on the boardwalk and sketch the quays opposite – Crampton Quay or Aston or Wellington. Or a bridge. This work came out of such visits. Mixed media means inks by brush pen and various tech pens, gouache, acrylic, watercolour and more.

If you’d like to buy this painting contact me to make arrangements – payment by bank transfer or cash. If you wouldn’t I’m still very appreciative of likes and shares and phone calls and whispers, as it all helps.






3 responses to “O’Connell Bridge from the Boardwalk”

  1. Diarmuid Culleton avatar
    Diarmuid Culleton

    I’ll have that one please.

    1. Liam avatar

      Sorry Diarmuid – you were pipped over on facebook by a few mins (I did post on both sites only seconds apart – I promise)

  2. Diarmuid Culleton avatar
    Diarmuid Culleton

    No problem

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