Landscape format of coastal scene showing a blue slash turquoise inlet from a height. In the foreground is a field sloping down steeply to the right. It has long soft grass, willowy yellow in places. At the far edge of the field, also sloping down sharply to the water is a dry stone wall. It is mostly in dark shadow on the near side, with bright stones along its uneven top. Across the bay on the high horizon are rocky pale green headlands edged with orange seaweed covered black rocks. Sky is a narrow stip of very pale teal.

Kingstown Bay (Connemara, Galway)

New Painting no 4
Update: SOLD

“Kingstown Bay” (Connemara, Galway) 

On canvas, 40 cm x 30 cm (16″ x 12″)   

Price €320 (+ €13 Registered post to Ireland; €22 Express Post to rest of world) 

I started this painting 3 years ago. If you don’t count the years of fermenting in my head from the moment I was first arrested by the scene.  By myself, with a mostly inanimate bicycle, I just stood there looking at the view and wanting to tell someone, anyone, to share it, and probably fall in love. But there wasn’t even any traffic. Eventually three horses walked into view and we had a chat. But I’m keeping that moment for myself and offering you the painting of the view.

If you ever fancy a walk or cycle in the west of County Galway, well as you can gather I would heartily recommend the northern side of the Kingstown peninsula.

If you’d like to buy this painting just shout that you would before anyone else and I’ll then contact you to make arrangements – payment by bank transfer or cash probably. If you wouldn’t like to buy it well you can still help me by sharing it, especially if you reckon you know people who might like to see it – because they like Connemara and the world in the vicinity of Clifden, or maybe they just like a lot of water.





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    UPDATE: This painting is now SOLD.

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