Landscape format. Ink and watercolour painting of a two-storey long stone buildings with slate roof, set in behind a green with a small driveway cross to it, and trees at the end on the right. There are a couple of large simple wooden doors and four or five chimneys. The centre of the front above the door is all an ochre orange colour.

Garristown (Dublin)

New Painting no 3
Update: SOLD

“Garristown”, (Dublin)

Mixed media

On paper, 24 cm x 18 cm (9.5″ x 7″) 

Price €80 (+ €8 Registered post to Ireland; €15 P&P to rest of world) 

One cold day early in the year I went out at some ungodly hour like 5am on our new 24-hour buses. Then in town I got another one out of the city and on into County Meath where I unfolded my bike and cycled it over a hill into very north County Dublin where I sat down and took out my paints. I remember thinking, “I could live here”, but I just drank tea and painted and walked and cycled around.

Mixed media in this specific case means ink pens, watercolours and other water media.

If you’d like to buy this painting then shout at me publicly and/or privately to make arrangements – which will be by bank transfer or cash. If this painting isn’t one you’d like to buy you could still help me by spreading word about it, especially with people you know who might like villages, rural Dublin, or stone buildings. But I’ll still like you whatever you do or don’t do. That’s the kind of man I am.






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    UPDATE: This painting is now SOLD.

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