Three photos of a mug from different angles. The left one has the handle to the left and shows a painting of Bandon. The right one has the handle to the right and shows a painting of Clonakilty. The middle photo shows where the two paintings meet, separated by a wide white bar.

West Cork Mug

Clonakilty & Bandon

There are over 450 of my artworks available on mugs, but only one mug has two paintings on it. My paintings of Clonakilty’s Rossa Street and Bandon’s Oliver Plunkett Street are both on my west Cork mug.

Photo of two mugs on a shelf. On the left the mug has the handle to the left with a painting of Bandon on it. On the right the handle is to the right and a painting of Clonakilty is visible on that side.
Mug with two paintings on it: Bandon and Clonakilty

Most paintings don’t fit naturally on a mug because, well I tend not to paint in mug shapes. So on a case by case basis, or mug by mug as it is, I have to decide if I put the whole of a painting on one side of a mug and leave the rest a blank white, or if I crop out a horizontal strip to wrap all the way around. Often I do something in between, trying to do as much justice as possible to the painting.

Because these two west Cork paintings were done at the same time in the same sort of style I thought it might be fun to put them both on the one mug and give fans of the towns two paintings for the price of one. So you have my west Cork mug.

Of course if you like one town but not the other you can always buy a mug with just one painting on it:






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