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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Sketch: Westport

ink drawing of WestportStudying in what was then called NIHE, I had a lecturer in Public Administration who regularly railed against CIE. He didn't believe the train service from Dublin to Westport should exist:
-I mean has anybody here ever even been on the train to Westport?
From a class of 75, I alone raised a hand. Thus single-handedly I was responsible for saving public transport, and keeping the tourist industry of Mayo alive.

I have a lot of plans for this sketch of Westport. It's in ink on matting board, and I want to wade in with pastels. But I also want to paint it, in a blobby fashion like Kinsale II. And paint it different ways. Ooh I have another headache.

Hi Liam found your blog by fluke.

I like the Kinsale painting, has this kind of, don't know how to describe it, the style, it's simple, yet not as in Grandma Moses.

What media did you use?

Looking at your sketches of Mayo, where my father's family come from? Any more in the offing?
Hi Aine, thanks. That Kinsale painting, and most on the site are done with acrylics. Sometimes, though not in that case, I mix in other media like inks, watercolours, and collage.

Mayo sketches? There's the Ballina one as well as this Westport one - but I wouldn't like to guess what I'm likely to do next. There is an unfinished painting I have on some sheep from Mayo - but you wouldn't know from the sheep, not least because they're not even in the painting yet.

I do hope to paint Croagh Patrick in much the same simple style as Nephin, and Clew Bay has been waiting for years - but they won't be done today!

If I get organized, paintings and sketches of Mayo should all end up on the main site under the Ireland category - if I get organized :)
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