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Friday, February 17, 2006

The Joy of Tedium

Sometimes there's a lot of similarity between these twin careers of art and the Internet. Three years or so ago I did the best interview for a job I've ever done, and in attempting to warn me about the job, my prospective employer stressed its lack of glamour. In reply, I stressed that he was talking to somebody who, for a hobby, literally watched paint dry.

This is just a snippet of an unfinished painting, equal to about one-twelfth. So I have eleven times as many little dots more to paint yet. It's been a long night of watching traffic patterns and responding to it - after yesterday evening's launch of the Great Blogging Book Giveaway. But when you like painting dots, watching web statistics is exciting.

I was offered that job of my dreams that time; it just turned out not to be a time for dreaming. Dots A Relief   is the title of the painting.

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