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Saturday, February 25, 2006

All Your Base Are Belong To Us

The team I'm on won TriviaRiot last night, a pub quiz structured so geeks shouldn't dominate. Questions are directed at teams in a round-robin fashion, nicely shaking things up with luck. Also, as the quiz progresses the points go up (and the pints go down!). This has the effect of each round of questions rendering the previous round almost meaningless. And then there's a final big question where you get to gamble all your points earned up to that stage - which effectively renders the asking of all previous questions pointless. Whenever we're doing bad in round one or two, I remind our team of this. And then we get more drinks in.

It's kind of like how you played snooker when you were a kid. You played by all the rules, affording each ball the respect its colour warranted, as you built breaks or played safety. And then at the end of the frame whoever potted the black was declared the winner.

It's the same corrective principle applied when you played football on the road but managed to pick imbalanced teams, so with the score at an improbable 14-1, and Gerard being called in for his dinner, Next Goal The Winner!.   I often think Chelsea would be involved in better games of football if the rules allowed for someone's mother to shout from behind a goal Didier! Your Dinner's Ready! Next Goal The Winner! 

Last night's final question was about the phrase All Your Base Are Belong To Us  with its history outlined up until a new subdomain launched last year. The history of this sort of viral pop fluff is something Wikipedia is good at, so I'll link to their analyis of it here. The answer was Google Base, and probably timely since Google Base is likely to morph soon into something rather more commercial.

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