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Friday, November 25, 2005

Thanksgiving Mug

Four years ago when Quinn was five he painted a mug and gave it to me that Christmas. It smashed last week when I dropped it. Momentarily I was tempted to use it in a Schnabelesque painting, but instead in the early hours of Thanksgiving I glued the many pieces back together.

Quinn was here when I broke it and upset until I told him of my previous broken mugs and showed them to him in their current state. One - with blue squares - I use as my water holder whenever painting with acrylics - which is every day. And the other - with black squares - I use to house various drawing utensils.

The reassembled mug that Quinn painted was on the bookshelf when he arrived Thanksgiving morning, right beside the first baseball that he burst open with the bat from when we were playing three years back.

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